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Polyclinic Medi Help offers first aid and emergency medical treatment 24 /7 .

Our aim is to give the best possible treatment and management of the patient’s condition quicly, effectively all hours, day or night.

Our Emergency Department is staffed by a combination of full-time emergency physicians with a special interest in emergency medicine, along with nurses and other health-care professionals with expertise in acute care.

Polyclinic Medi Help, provides 24-hour ambulance service, as well as all necessary equipment for the smooth and effective delivery of emergency services.

To best prepare for an emergency, we suggest keeping our office number close by.
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Our Polyclinic is staffed by a combination of full-time emergency physicians with a special interest in emergency medicine, along with nurses and other health-care professionals with expertise in acute care.

We have a range of specialist doctors in our establishment including:
• GP’s
• Internist
• Orthopedist
• Surgeon
• Radiologist

We also cooperate with further specialists, such as:
• Pulmonologist
• Cardiologist
• Dentist
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Polyclinic Medi Help, owns a Ground Ambulance & Medical Car , equipped in accordance to International Standards, with trained and qualified staff, able to meet the needs of all medical conditions until patient is safely transferred to a more adequate medical facility.

Our Crew is specially trained to respond to a wide variety of situations (critical and non critical) and along with nursing staff, they ensure best possible care in a pre-hospital environment.

Every second counts in a medical emergency, so it is important for us our Ambulance to reach destinations as quickly as possible. An emergency vehicle tracking system makes it easier to respond to emergency calls as efficiently as possible.
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In our Polyclinic Medi Help, we provide top quality care in order for you to receive the best treatment during your visit.

Our Polyclinic has the capacity to treat more complicated medical needs when close follow up and treatment is needed.

We provide therapy in a comfortable, friendly environment, in an emergency service that operates 24 hours a day.

Services are provided by medical and nursing staff specifically trained to deal with a wide range of medical and surgical emergencies.

With the help of various health care tools, provided by Polyclinic, such as laboratory tests, screening devices, etc, they are able to reach accurate diagnosis.
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Our Medical Escort service provides accompaniment and assistance during scheduled or emergency Air Transfers to patients who require specific medical care.

Our first priority is to review patient’s condition and obtain all medical information related to patient’s pathology, in order to reassure safe transfer.

The variety of our doctor’s specialties enable us to meet with any kind of patient’s need during their air evacuation.

Nevertheless, age or medical condition of the patient, we are able to provide you medical solution suitable to your needs.
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Polyclinic Medi Help, is actively involved in the ongoing clinical research and training, in order to ensure the best possible services provided to all the patients who visit the department.

Our Radiological Department, uses the latest DR digital detectors (SIEMENS) supported with CR solution, AGFA CR-30x, providing superior quality images, zoom, tarnish change, negative picture, choice to add comments up to the x-ray, calculations, and image inverse.
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Radiology is a medical specialty focused on creating highly detailed pictures of the inside of the body using advanced diagnostic imaging technology.

Our department is comprised of an unparalleled team of radiologists and diagnostic imaging professionals who use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure your procedure is successful and that the diagnostic information it yields is extremely accurate.

Polyclinic Medi Help, offer you the best equipment in the hands of the best people.

Department of ultrasound diagnostics is equipped with ultrasonic device leading manufacturers of ultrasound equipment General Electric LOGIQ 9 which guarantees high quality of the research:
-Ultrasound of the abdomen
-Ultrasound of the kidneys.
-Ultrasound of bladder
-Ultrasound of the prostate
-Ultrasound of thyroid gland
-Triplex of vessels & carotids
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Our human recourse department is composed of personnel with communication skills in a large variety of foreign languages. Our goal is to fully communicate with our clients, giving them a clear picture of their condition as well as of our medical advice, with no misunderstandings due to language difficulties.
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Our long term cooperation with international insurances reassures that all of the expenses are covered through travel insurances at the patient's ease.
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Customer’s Personal Identifiable Information are handled in accordance with GDPR procedures.
A sophisticated administrative department guaranties that all sensitive personal data are kept under private and coded forms.
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Polyclinic Medi-Help proudly announces that is one of the first Medical Companies that operates under ISO Standards and Certification.

QS Zürich AG certifies that the management system of our company has been assessed and meets the requirements established by the following rules:

• ISO-9001:2008

The management system includes: Provision of health services