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All of our cooperating physicians are specialists , enjoying international reputation. They are qualified with many years of experience and are highly committed to their science.

Medical Services

Variety of primary health care medical services are provided in our facility, so that our guests are sufficiently treated at no time waste, avoiding delays and queues at local Hospitals. Also, all paperwork involving insurances is dealed in our office, so our guest will not have to worry about medical coverage.


Our GP’s are specially trained to meet our guests’ needs at our facility as well as at their residence. Services are no less than excellent, as our team is inspired and guided by the long-years of experience of Dr. Ploumakis.

House call visits

Our doctors are willing to meet your call anytime anyplace. So if you wish for a house call visit, a specialist will shortly arrive at your residence offering a helpful hand.

Med car / Ambulance transportation

Because the unexpected can happen, a highly trained medical crew on ALS Ambulance will arrive shortly after your call assisting you and those near you. If you have a medical weakness and not able to walk, a Med Car will transfer you to your doctor appointment and safely take you back at your residence.


Orthopedist department is run by Dr Alexakis, whose scientific efficiency and experience are gained through the long years of practice in Hospitals.

Radiology Department

The Departments of Radiology is run by Dr. Charoulakis and is equipped with the latest technology offering a variety of radiological and U/S imaging services. Radiological departmentis equipped with the latest DR digital detectors (SIEMENS) supported with CR solution, AGFA CR-30x, providing superior quality images, zoom, tarnish change, negative picture, choice to add comments up to the x-ray, calculations, and image inverse. U/S department is equipped with ultrasonic device leading manufacturers of ultrasound equipment General Electric LOGIQ 9 which guarantees high quality of the research.