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Polyclinic Medi Help is a private medical center in the heart of the popular resort area of Gouves, providing outpatient medical services from all sectors of the Medical Science.

It is established since 2001 and operates on a 24 hour base, 7 days a week, all year round.  Its main purpose is to offer high quality outpatient medical care to all patients living or vacationing in the nearby area within a friendly and well-equipped environment, with scientific completeness and caring for the patient.

Polyclinic Medi Help has several medical departments including department of Pathology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, as well as Radiological and Ultra-Sound laboratories,  equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Polyclinic Medi Help is also equipped with Day Clinic facilities for further monitoring on patient’s health.

Polyclinic Medi Help offers assistance on the spot, quickly responding to the patient’s  needs. In the unlike event of needing transportation, a Med-Car and a ALS Ground Ambulance,  transfer patients to and from the medical centre as well as to adequate hospitals if necessary .

The Medical Team consists of well known doctors, strongly committed to their medical science, with high reputation and professionalism.

Our Multilingual Administrative Staff work closely with the medical team reassuring that all necessary arrangements with insurance companies will be held at the patient’s ease.

In addition, an electronically archiving system secures  all medical information and records with confidentiality.

Polyclinic Medi Help cooperates with all travel Insurance from around the world ensuring coverage for all services provided. Our long-term collaboration and our experience in dealing with travel insurance, guarantees the smooth settlement of all medical cases without nuisance and paperwork from the patient’s side.

In the unlike event of needing medical assistance while on Crete, Polyclinic  Medi Help offers rapid response and the best qualified help  .